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UV501 adalah water purifier yang sangat tepat digunakan untuk tempat yang air inputnya sudah memiliki TDS yang rendah.  Alat ini tidak menggunakan teknologi Reverse Osmosis, tapi pembasmian bakteri dan virus dilakukan dengan mengalirkan air melalui lampu Ultra Violet (UV)

Proses penyaringan dilakukan dalam 5 tahap :1) Inline 5 Micron Spun Sediment, 2) Granular Activated Carbon Filter, 3) Block Carbon Filter,  4) Lampu UV, dan 5) Infra Red Filter.

Menggunakan Lampu UV 1 GPM, serta dilengkapi dengan keran khusus, selang, connector untuk pipa air  masuk,  dan peralatan pemasangan lainnya.

Penggunaan alat ini adalah cara yang paling murah untuk mendapatkan air yang sehat dan segar. Kecepatan air output : 1 Gallon/3.8 Liter per menit. Dengan aliran yang cukup besar ini, alat tidak dilengkapi dengan water tank.

Ukuran (cm) : 37 (P) X 45(T) X 20 (L).  Berat Alat 8 kg.


5 stage Ultraviolet (UV) & Infra-Red
Water Purification System

Activates water molecules in our body and Improve oxygen level in our body!

UV Light

One inexpensive and efficient way of disinfecting the water supply is by irradiating it with UV light. It’s known that UV light of wavelengths between 250 and 270 nanometers (UV-C or UVC band) is extremely effective in killing many species of bacteria, mold spores, viruses and other microorganisms.

Infra-Red Filter

The effect of Far-infra-red rays on our human body are as follows:

  • Activates water molecules in our body
  • Improve oxygen level in our body
  • Warming and eliminating fats, chemicals and toxins from our blood and thus smoothening the flow of blood.
  • Elimination of other waste from human body
  • Reducing the acidic level in our body
  • Nervous system functionality improvement.

It Save Lives & Improve Health

*Every five minutes, 630 children die from drinking dirty water.

*Contaminated drinking water kills 3.8 million children per year.

*People in most countries don’t have the luxury of safe piped water.

*A typical family spends 2 hours per day to boil the water for drinking.

*No longer fear drinking water from your own faucet!

*With carbon filter to eliminates the 17 hazardous metals from your water.

*Activates water molecules in our body

*Improve oxygen level in our body


  • 5 stage UV Filtration System.

  • 1.0 gallon / 3.8 liters per minute.

  • Heavy duty steel with powder coating white bracket

  • UV stainless steel housing.

  • FDA Approved Polypropylene Made Flat Cap Housing (double o’ring).

  • Feed water connector or self piercing saddle valve.

  • Completely Assembled

  • 100% Factory Tested and Sterilized Ready for Installation.


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